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Colour trends 2019

colour trends fashion trends

What are the most trendy colours in 2019? What will be fashionable this autumn? Which colour to buy new purse or a coat?

We have read many articles on this topic, looked at the fashion magazines, blogs, social media and found these 5 top colours that many fashionistas and just stylish women will be wearing this autumn and winter.


1) Pistachio Green.

This, a bit minty, pastel, very light green colour will be a must buy this autumn.  Especially for the evening shoes, purses, dresses (silk!), and scarfs.. Or even a cosy sweater, mmm.

But, pat attention on your colour type (we will talk about it in the next publication) and the different undertones of this colour. Do not take warmer or yellowish green if you are a "summer" or "winter" type (cold colour type). Particular pistachio green we talk about is purely cold so it will consequently suit only cold types or with a good play of colours, clothing and accessories it can also suit a warm type but you'll need to master it.

2) Winter sky blue (Dove blue)

This colour, in our modest opinion, is just as magical as the sky in Monet's early paintings. Such a profond, true, light blue as pure as the sky can be. No undertones of green or purple, just pure blue. Search for it  in the coats, shoes, purses, sweater and almost everything. 

Will suit best cold type blonds or a pure black colour brunettes.

3) Lemon Curd

This colour reminds us of a sunny Sicily with its lemons or the dinner near the beach with a shot of limoncello. Even though, this colour might look summer-only, it will also be popular this Autumn. After all, who can be against to extend their summer mood to September and October? A rare combination of originally warm colour with its cold undertone makes "Lemon Curd" suitable for many. However, be careful if you are a light skin blonde, you risk to merge with your cloth and become invisible. Though, if you are a tanned brunette this is your time to shine!

4) Dusty Rose

Possible in both dark or light variations, this is a colour that will be suitable for every type. Search for it in purses, belts, blouses and lipstick!



5) Macadamia Beige

Era of total beige continues this year and even more in autumn. Magic of this colour is that it is basic as only colour can be. It goes with everything, for any event, for any colour type. It is just THE colour to have in your wardrobe in reserve for the black day when you have "nothing" to wear and just for everyday when you don't have a time to think about your look.


Share this publication with your friends and post your photos with your new clothing items of these colours with a hashtag #inspolar_paris so we can see it and share on our instagram!

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A très bientôt!


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