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How to dress like Parisian

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If you are in love with Parisian women style as we do this post will interest you. We have analyzed most common streetstyle looks in Paris to propose you these 8 tips on "How to dress as Parisian". Prepare your cup of coffee or tea and allons-y!

1) First and most important: no berets. Nobody really wears them apart tourists or models acting like French.

2) Forgot about mini skirts and high heels. French girls dress quite modestly and closed. Go for the pants, ankle boots and a blazer.

3) Emancipation has influenced France in it's own way. French women, especially Parisian, love to have menswear inspired clothings. For example an oversized "dad's" jacket and trousers.

4) Colours. You will rarely find very bright, funky or neon colours among Parisian women. They don't try to be visible, they are just confident in themselves without any attention. Their favorite palette contains black, beige, all variations of brown and bardeaux, creamy white or ivory and of course red.


5) Jeans are everything. More jeans is better. 

6) Floral prints for summer! As French girls do have a thing for vintage clothing, floral motifs on dresses were adopted very easily among French, especially two last summers.

7) Important part of a look, even though not a part of a clothing - are red lips. French girl without red lips, are you serious? 

8) And of course, the essential detail of a Parisian look is the baguette. (Joking... or not.)


Et voilà!

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A très bientôt!




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